Condominium Insurance Comparison


Choosing the right insurance policy can be difficult and confusing. OPIC created this comparison tool to assist you with this decision.  



Our comparison tool allows you to compare up to 5 different insurance policies.  Here's what to do:

FIRST: Choose a company from the Company drop down menu.


Currently, we have information from the largest national insurance groups that offer condominium coverage.  If you can't find a company, please contact OPIC directly to discuss the company or check back because we are adding companies to the comparison tool.  

SECOND: Choose the policy you wish to compare from the Policy drop down menu.


Some companies may offer more than one policy. If you are unsure of which policy to compare, ask an agent or company representative the name of the policy the company is most likely to offer you.

THIRD: Click the Show Comparison button. 


It’s that simple. Our comparison tool will generate the results in an easy to read chart that allows you to compare each policy.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON RATES AND COMPLAINTS: Please check allows you to compare sample rates, complaint information, and the financial rating of the top 25 national insurance groups writing auto and residential property insurance in Texas.  You can also get financial and/or complaint information for each insurer from the Texas Department of Insurance Company Profile Pages.




The results generated by this tool are for informational purposes only.  Before purchasing a policy, please check with an agent or company representative to ensure the information provided by this tool is consistent with what the company is currently offering.  Always refer to the actual policy language to determine the full extent of coverage under a policy. 

This Chart Provides a Summary of Your Policy Coverages


The results generated by the comparison tool are based on the most recent information provided to OPIC by the Texas Department of Insurance.  Every effort has been made to keep the information accurate and up to date.  The comparison tool generates a summary  of the coverages provided by the policies you selected.  This summary is not a substitute for the actual policy language.  Additionally, a policy may include other coverages not listed on the comparison tool.  Always refer to the actual policy language to determine the full extent of coverage under a policy.  

Companies Can Endorse Their Policies


Companies can add endorsements to your policy that alter the coverage provided by the base policy. If a company offers or requires an endoresment that affects the coverages displayed on the chart, those changes will be noted. However, since the comparison chart may not show all the coverage provided by a particular policy form, it is important for you to ask the agent or company if any endorsements will be added to your policy.