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The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association's Unique Insurance Claim Process

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The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) provides the majority of wind damage coverage in designated areas along the Texas coast.  The insurance claim process for TWIA is unique and unlike the claim process for other insurers. 


You can find helpful information regarding the claim process on the Texas Department of Insurance’s (TDI) Coastal Outreach and Assistance Services Team (COAST) Resource page: and TWIA’s own website:


TWIA Claims


Below are some key points relating to TWIA claims:       


  • Flood damage.  The TWIA policy DOES NOT cover damage caused by a flood.


  • House Bill 1774 that became effective September 1, 2017.  The changes in House Bill 1774 do not apply to claims or lawsuits with TWIA.


  • Claim filing deadline.  You have one year from the date your property was damaged or destroyed to file a TWIA claim.


  • If you dispute the amount of your claim TWIA accepts.  If TWIA agrees to pay your claim, either partially or fully, you must work with TWIA to resolve your dispute or request the appraisal process to dispute the amount. If you don’t request the appraisal process to dispute the amount, TWIA’s decision is final after 75 days.


  • If you plan to file a lawsuit because your claim was partially or fully denied.  If you dispute TWIA’s decision to partially or fully deny coverage for your claim and you intend to file a lawsuit, you must notify TWIA of your intent to file a lawsuit within two years of receiving TWIA’s decision to deny coverage.  If you miss the two year deadline, you waive your right to contest TWIA’s denial of coverage.


  • Prior to filing a lawsuit.  TWIA may require you to submit your dispute to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) prior to you filing a lawsuit.  Mediation is the primary form of dispute resolution utilized by TWIA.


TDI and OPIC have information to assist consumers with Hurricane Harvey-related issues, including how to file a claim, at and It is important to review you insurance policy and inspect your property thoroughly in order to maximize your insurance recovery.