I’m shopping for insurance, can OPIC help?

YES! Our website has several tools that can help you decide which coverage is right for you; including interactive policy comparisons, summaries of available coverage options, and various OPIC publications.


Is OPIC part of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)?

NO. We are an independent state agency. Our agency does not regulate the insurance industry. Rather, we represent the consumer point of view in matters before TDI, the legislature, and other regulatory or enforcement entities with jurisdiction over the Texas insurance market.


May I contact OPIC with any complaints or other issues I have with my company?

YES! While our statutory authority does not allow us to represent individual consumers or individual consumer complaints, it is still important that we hear from you so that we can better understand any issues or problems with your insurance company. Individual consumer complaints often point to larger issues within the statewide insurance market that warrant our involvement.


I have a question about my insurance policy. Can OPIC help me?

ABSOLUTELY! OPIC has dedicated professionals on staff to answer questions about your auto, residential property, health, life, disability and other insurance policies. Give us a call  at 1-877-611-6742 or send us an email.


Can OPIC represent me in legal action I take against my company?

NO. We can only represent consumers as a class, our office does not give legal advice or representation to individual consumers.