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When Will My Homeowners Claim Get Paid?

Wondering when the claim you filed with your insurance company will get paid? Here is some info on timeframes for paying claims:

Understanding the Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance

If you or a loved one cannot live independently, the costs of personal care can be very high. Long-term care insurance can help pay for the costs of personal care, but it’s important to understand...

Cyber Insurance: Tips to Lower Your Risk & Recover from Harm

Because we rely on the internet more and more for both business and personal tasks, the risk of our smart devices getting hacked and personal info being stolen or misused increases. Almost every day...

Consider Buying HOA Loss Assessment Coverage

Many Texas property owners must join a homeowners association (“HOA”). Condos often require HOA membership, and many single-family subdivisions now have them, too. HOA members have to pay monthly,...

What Are Your Rights if a Drug is Removed From Your Health Plan’s Drug Formulary?

Did you know your health plan can change your medicine coverage? Your health plan must notify you if it removes a medicine from its formulary or limits your access to a medicine. Your plan must...

Buyer Beware: Not All Auto Policies Are the Same

Be sure you know who and what is covered under any insurance policy you consider buying. Not all auto policies are the same. Since insurance policies can be very different, it is important to read...

Health Insurance Works Differently in Emergencies!

Emergency care can vary in price and services depending on where you go. You can save time and money and get the care you need if you know: the differences between emergency room (ER) facilities and...

Highlights and News

OPIC's 2018 Achievements

We’ve been working hard for consumers this year. Here are just some of our biggest highlights from 2018:

  • Reviewed, analyzed, and intervened in approximately 1,500 rate, rule, and form filings.
  • Advocated for lower auto and homeowners insurance rates and fees, resulting in lower rates and fees that saved consumers almost $2 million.
  • Testified in an industry-wide workers compensation hearing, arguing for lower rates for Texas businesses.
  • Filed a letter of objection with the Commissioner of Insurance opposing the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)’s proposed rate increase on coastal policyholders.
  • Updated Policy Comparison Tool to be browser and mobile-friendly and added filtering options.
  • Redesigned our website with consumers in mind. Our new content is provided in an easy-to-use and plain language format. Features of the website include: an agent comment portal, shopping guides and checklists, HMO report cards, and a helpful list of health agencies and resources.

OPIC Objects to TWIA Rate Filing

OPIC filed an objection with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) yesterday asking the Commissioner of Insurance to disapprove the 10% rate increase submitted by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) on August 14, 2018.

OPIC Objection Letter

OPIC Produces Flood Postcards

Were you affected by recent flooding in your area? OPIC has produced a postcard with important info you will need. Download in English or Spanish.

flood postcard side 1flood postcard side 2

Plain Language Initiative Underway

OPIC is committed to helping Texas consumers better understand insurance so that they can purchase insurance policies that best meet their needs.

As part of these efforts, OPIC is making its info easier to understand by use of plain language.

Plain language makes communications easier to understand by using less jargon, shorter sentences, bigger text, and simplified formatting.