Office of Public Insurance Counsel

The Office of Public Insurance Counsel (OPIC) is an official state agency that represents the interests of Texas consumers in insurance matters. OPIC empowers and educates consumers and works on their behalf to create and maintain a balanced marketplace.


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Learn about insurance

Insurance is confusing. We break it down for you. Learn what you need to know about homeowners, auto, health, flood, life, and title insurance.

Compare policies

See what’s covered and what’s not for homeowners, condo, renters, and auto insurance policies. Compare your current policy with options you are considering.

Shop smart for insurance

Be prepared before you buy insurance and know your options. Use our shopping guides and download our smart shopping checklists.

File a claim

Suffering damage or loss can be stressful. Filing a claim doesn’t have to be. Check out our tips on what to do and what to expect.

Recent consumer wins

OPIC's 2023 achievements

OPIC regularly objects to homeowners and auto rate filings where we believe consumers are not being charged proper rates. In 2023, OPIC saved consumers over $15 million in the form of reduced rates, withdrawn rate increase filings, and policyholder refunds. For every $1 of our agency budget, we’ve saved Texas insurance consumers $15. Learn more about what we did in 2023.

Revamped health section of website

Trying to navigate health insurance is confusing. To help, OPIC updated the Health Insurance Basics section of its website with more detailed info. Check out new pages about the different ways you can get health insurance, including through your jobindividual health insurance, membership in a group, or government programs. OPIC also created a useful comparison chart of the 4 main types of health plans – HMOs, EPOs, PPOs, and POS – to help consumers decide which plan is best for them.

What we do for you

The Texas Legislature established OPIC as an independent agency in 1991. OPIC represents the interests of Texas consumers in insurance matters. We do this primarily in 3 ways:


OPIC reviews and analyzes insurance rates, rules, and policy forms. As a result of these reviews, OPIC may make comments, raise concerns, or file formal objections. The agency may also intervene as a party in rate hearings before the Commissioner of Insurance and the State Office of Administrative Hearings.


OPIC recommends legislation to the Texas Legislature that benefits insurance consumers. OPIC also provides resource testimony and information on insurance issues.

Consumer education and outreach

OPIC provides consumers with information and tools to help them make informed decisions about their insurance. This includes: Consumer Bills of Rights, online shopping guides, a policy comparison tool, report cards on HMO performance and news articles.

Common questions

What is the Office of Public Insurance Counsel (OPIC)?

OPIC is an official state government agency that represents the interests of Texas consumers in insurance matters.

Can OPIC represent me personally in court or in other legal actions?

No. We can only represent consumers as a class. Our office cannot give legal advice or representation to individual consumers.

Is OPIC part of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)?

No. We are an independent state agency.

Can I file a complaint about my insurance company with OPIC?

No. You can only file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

I'm shopping for insurance. Can OPIC help?

Yes. Check out our Policy Comparison Tool, Shopping Guides, and

I have a question about my insurance policy. Can OPIC help?

Yes. OPIC staff can answer questions about your auto, residential property, health, life, disability, and other insurance policies, or can point you in the right direction. Contact us at 1-(877)-611-6742 or

Contact us

Reach out to us with your questions about your auto, residential property, health, life, flood, and other insurance policies. We will do our best to help you or point you in the right direction.

Please keep in mind that we are not the state insurance regulator, so you cannot file a complaint about your insurance company with us.

Thank you!

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