What is a Dec Page?

A declarations page, often called a “dec page,” can be found in the front of your policy. The dec page summarizes your policy and coverages, limits and deductibles, and the dates your policy is effective. Auto insurance dec pages also list the insured vehicles and...

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OPIC’s 2018 Achievements

We’ve been working hard for consumers this year. Here are just some of our biggest 2018 achievements:   Reviewed, analyzed, and intervened in approximately 1,500 rate, rule, and form filings. Advocated for lower auto and homeowners insurance rates and fees,...

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Buyer Beware: Not All Auto Policies Are the Same

Be sure you know who and what is covered under any insurance policy you consider buying. Not all auto policies are the same. Since insurance policies can be very different, it is important to read all of your policy and ask questions to make sure you get the coverage...

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