Did you know that even if you have permission to drive a borrowed car or give permission to someone to drive your car, your auto policy may not provide coverage? Consider this before you borrow trouble. Here are some common situations that may not be covered: 

  • You rent a car to go on vacation. 

  • Your teenager (who is on your policy) lets friend drive the car. 

  • You let your roommate borrow your car to run an errand. 

  • You often visit your child and drive their car while you are visiting. 

  • You use a “car sharing” app to borrow a car while you are out of town on a business trip. 

  • You let your family member (who does not live in your household) drive your car when they visit for the holidays. 

  • You let your babysitter use your car to pick up your kids from school. 

  • You let someone without a driver’s license borrow your car. 

  • You borrow a friend’s truck to deliver a large piece of furniture. 


If you let other people drive your car or you drive someone else’s car, tell your agent or company! They can work with you to make sure you have the coverage you need. 

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