Wondering when the claim you filed with your insurance company will get paid? Here is some info on timeframes for paying claims:

Notice of Claim

No later than 15 days after you give your notice of claim, your company must: a) let you know they got your claim, b) start their investigation, and c) ask you for any other info they need.

*️⃣  Your company may ask you for more info during the investigation.

Accept or Reject

After your company gets all of the info they asked for, they have 15 business days to approve your claim, or reject the claim and tell you why in writing.

Additional Time

The company can extend this deadline for 45 days from the date they that they: a) let you know they need more time, and b) tell you why.


Your company must pay within 5 business days after they let you know your claim is approved.

*️⃣  If the payment of your claim or part of your claim depends on you doing something, then they must pay within 5 business days after you complete the required action.

Other Things to Know:

  • Business day means a day other than Saturday, Sunday, or a state holiday.
  • These timelines apply to first-party claims only. A first-party claim is a claim you file with your insurance company against your own policy.
  • If your company reasonably believes that loss resulted from arson, they have 30 days after the date they received all of the info they asked for to accept or reject the claim.
  • If there is a weather-related catastrophe designated by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), all claim handling timeframes are extended an additional 15 days.
  • Surplus lines carriers have different timelines. Surplus lines carriers provide insurance for risks that cannot obtain coverage elsewhere.
  • The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) also has different timelines.

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