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6 Winter Fire Safety Tips

Home fires occur more in winter than during any other season. These tips will help you take precautions and ensure your home is safe and free of insurance claims this winter!

Cyber Insurance: Tips to Lower Your Risk & Recover from Harm

Because we rely on the internet more and more for both business and personal tasks, the risk of our smart devices getting hacked and personal info being stolen or misused increases. Almost every day it seems there is another data breach, scam, or virus. Cyber...

Consider Buying HOA Loss Assessment Coverage

Many Texas property owners must join a homeowners association (“HOA”). Condos often require HOA membership, and many single-family subdivisions now have them, too. HOA members have to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly dues. These dues usually pay for taking care of...

Understanding Your Homeowners Deductible

What is a  Homeowners Deductible? A homeowners deductible is the portion of a covered loss you must pay before your insurance company pays for any of the loss. Typically, your insurance company will simply subtract the deductible from the total amount of your claim,...